EESD Scholarship Application
The EESD Leadership Scholarship Award, Inc.

Application is to be completed by applicant. Please apply online or print, type or write clearly, and attach the following documents to the completed application.

1. Three letters of recommendation required: • One from a teacher, one from a counselor, and one personal reference (e.g. pastor, coach, employer).
2. An essay (500 word minimum) on why you feel you should receive this scholarship
3. A copy of your transcripts
4. A recent photograph (email a digital copy to & attach a hard copy to send with this application by mail) Portrait, high-quality photos preferred.

Send completed application with attachments to:
EESD Scholarship Foundation 3863 King Edward Trail, SW Atlanta, GA 30331
Scan & email all documents & photo to before mailing.
Download Genius Scan on your phone or mobile device from the app store. Take a picture and email directly from the app for free. Converts documents to PDF easily.
More information:
Application deadline: March 4, 2022
EESD Scholarship Application
Please type or print clearly.
Applicant Name:_____________________________ email:_______________ Phone:(___)___-_____
Age:____________Permanent Address:____________________________________________
Parent(s) Name(s):______________________________________________________________
Are you currently Employed? (X)__________Yes__________No
Name of current or last employer (if applicable):_______________________________________
Will applicant be receiving other scholarships? (X)_________Yes_________No
Educational Institution Applicant is now attending:
Institution Name:___________________________________City:__________State:__________
Grade Point Average:_______ Rank in class: _______ Graduation Date (mm/dd/yy)_________
Educational Institution in which enrollment is desired:
Institutionʼs Name:_________________________________City:__________State:_________
Course of study:__________________Degree sought:__________Date term begins:________
EESD Scholarship Foundation ♦ ♦ 3863 King Edward Trail, SW ♦ Atlanta, GA 30331
Complete Application OR Mail & email ( completed application along with required documents &
(3 recommendation letters, 500 word essay, transcripts, & photo) before application deadline of March 4, 2022.